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Future-of-music-hintAfter writing an introduction to Obamacare for musicians, I was contacted by Kristin Thomson about resources related to health insurance for artists developed by the Future of Music Coalition (FMC). They've actually been helping musicians with insurance advice for a number of years. They also recently partnered in a poll of artists across disciplines about health insurance. In addition, FMC has joined with a group of organizations in creating an information resource on Artists and the Affordable Care Act.

My intro to Obamacare for musicians was intended to begin a discussion of the practical issues ahead with a focus on resources such as HealthCare.gov.

Kristin Thomson, Co-Director of FMC's Artist Revenue Streams project, then updated me on the Future of Music Coalition's activities in this regard which look really helpful for musicians who don't currently have health care.

Artists + Health Insurance Survey (10/13)

FMC recently partnered with the Artists’ Health Insurance Resource Center on an artists and health insurance survey. They spoke with artists of multiple disciplines including music.

Thomson summarized the findings in an email:

The survey found that:

– 43% of artists don't have insurance (2x greater than general population).

– Of those who have insurance 39% pay for it themselves (6.5x greater than general population).

– Of those who do not have it 88% say it is because "they can't afford it."

– 55% didn't understand how the ACA will impact them.

– 37% were unsure of what they would do when the health insurance exchanges opened. This percentage was even greater for those who are currently uninsured.

So the Affordable Care Act is a pretty big deal for artists across the board involving a great deal of uncertainty.

Educational Resources on the Affordable Care Act

FMC worked with an "ad hoc task force"  of "musician and artist-focused advocacy and service organizations" to create an excellent introductory resource on Artists and the Affordable Care Act.

Thomson also suggested this online tutorial by the Artists’ Health Insurance Resource Center.

Getting Help From the Future of Music Coalition

As it turns out, FMC has been educating musicians about health insurance for quite some time via their HINT program. They even offer guidance over the phone by appointment.

These are really great resources for musicians from the Future of Music Coalition!


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