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Pick A Band Name While Streaming Bandcamp Music

Bandcamp-appBandcamp recently released a free mobile app that will offer you and your fans a chance to stream the music they've bought. Like other moves from Bandcamp, this is yet another that may increase music sales.

While you're listening, you can pick out a new band name using a little hack from The Echo Nest. And once you have that, you can use NameChk to see if it's available on social networks.

Bandcamp now has a mobile app for iOS and Android that gives listeners with a fan account easy access to music they've purchased.

Bandcamp states that the "app is not yet about browsing that catalog," i.e. the music on the site, but it sounds like that's something they're planning for the future. Of course, you can go to Bandcamp via your mobile web browser and stream away.

You can also use the app to stream the Bandcamp Weekly and they will soon add the fan feed if they haven't already.

Bandcamp's one of my favorite music tech companies and if you aren't on there but are thinking of using the service, you might find this "Quick Start Guide to Bandcamp" from JustGo Music of use.

Still searching for a name for your band? Then you might want to check out Is This Band Name Taken?, an app created by Glenn McDonald of The Echo Nest.

Is This Band Name Taken? tells you if anyone's using the band name you enter. Unfortunately it's just a yes or maybe not sort of thing. It would be much cooler and more useful if they linked to examples but they're probably drawing on their own databases that aren't directly linkable. Or something along those lines.

Once you have a name picked out, you can see if it's available on a wide range of social networks via NameChk.


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