Presskit.to for Music Businesses Launches With Caroline As First Client

Presskitto-logoFor the last couple of months Presskit.to has been announcing a series of upgrades and improvements to their EPK service including changes of special interest to musicians. Late last week they launched Presskit.to for Business, making Presskit.to much easier to use for those managing multiple accounts as well as for those needing shared access to promo materials. And to give their launch an extra boost of credibility, Caroline (formerly Caroline Distribution) has signed on as the first client who will use it for both EPK creation and talent asset management.

Back in August Presskit.to began a series of upgrades including embeddable EPK's and additional boutique services for musicians and other creators who want extra help.

Since then they've added Facebook app and Songkick integrations, launched a partner network and introduced numerous improvements including the ability to add entire SoundCloud sets and create albums for graphics.

Last week Presskit.to announced the launch of Presskit.to for Business, a "talent asset management solution designed to centralize the creation, organization, management and distribution of EPK’s and other promotional assets across an entire talent roster."

According to the announcement, businesses using Presskit.to for Business can:

  • Manage multiple EPKs via one corporate account
  • Assign access and permissions to multiple administrators
  • Collaboratively collect, review, and approve talent assets
  • Create standardized EPKs with custom branding options

In addition:

"accounts can be aggregated into a network so affiliated partners can all share different levels of access without needing to share login information. For example, a music distribution company with multiple label partners can use a single login to access the assets of all affiliated labels, while each individual label retains their own private login, permissions, and access."

Caroline, which has transformed from a distribution company to an artist and labels services company, will be "using Presskit.to to create EPKs for all their distributed labels [and]…as the talent asset management system on the backend."

This is a big step forward for Presskit.to with an offering that goes beyond managing multiple EPK accounts to managing all relevant assets by multiple stakeholders.

New plans and pricing are now available.


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