Thanksgivukkah Think Tank: An Industry Discussion Between Two Jewish Musicians

Thanksgivukkah_largelogo2_icontextThis year, we experienced a once in a lifetime (or more) holiday – Thankgivikkah. Never to fall together for another 70,000 years – no that's not a typo – Thanksgivikkah is celebrated when Thanksgiving eve and the first day of Hannakuh fall on the same day. As a tribute to this holiday, we bring to you a blog by Ariel Hyatt that documents a discussion between two Jewish musicians talking about their culture and how it shaped their careers. How has your culture shaped your career? Join the conversation on MusicThinkTank.com.

"I don’t know that I would have become a singer if it weren’t for the Jewish tradition of singing and the cultural tradition that equates singing with joy. Jewish music was the first music I ever heard. My Israeli parents sang Hebrew songs to me and with me when I was young. And I grew up in a conservative synagogue, so no instruments accompanied the singing at Shabbat services, there was only the glorious sound of the cantor’s voice and the congregation."

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