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The Independent Label Market Adds Beer For A Festive Vinyl Fair

Independent-label-marketThe Independent Label Market is based in London but has also organized record fairs in LA, Toronto and Glasgow. Their next big event, as the Christmas season fully kicks in, is in London November 30th. In a unique twist that would fit many locations in the States, they're combining vinyl and craft beer by partnering with the London Brewers' Market for a truly festive shopping event.

I can't find a clear history of the Independent Label Market but I know they've been operating for at least a few years doing record fairs and connecting to many indie labels and musicians in London. They are doing more events in different locations, most recently in Glasgow, but seem to be most noted for an annual summer vinyl fair.

Next up is a team effort with the London Brewers' Market which is a great Christmas shopping combo. And for those that hate Christmas? Have a beer and check out the vinyl!

I do see the term "handcrafted" on some of the pics so maybe the younger generation of brewers in England is using similar terminology as in the States. The bigger difference being that the older brewers also make awesome beer rather than the water-downed simulations to which mainstream America has become accustomed.

That said, craft beer and vinyl are big in many of the same spots. I'm a bit out of touch with much of the nation but I know Portland is like Asheville in that there are lots of record stores and lots of local breweries. In fact, when you find that mix, you also tend to find other crafty and high-quality activites which could be combined with vinyl sales.

It's funny because most vinyl has probably been produced for corporate interests yet vinyl is embraced by people, in part, for its realness and underlying sense of craftsmanship. Be that as it may, vinyl goes with craft beer and could go with a bunch of other things.

I'm pointing this out because festivals and special events are really taking off in the States. One day we might see serious oversaturation. One thing that will help in the long run will be to continue to develop more creative events. Events that reach outside of the music industry to the larger community of which musicians are a part.

So I find the combination of the Independent Label Market and the London Brewers Market not just an interesting bit of news but possible inspiration for future events.


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