TuneCore Partners With INDMUSIC To Monetize YouTube Videos

image from cdn.americansongwriter.comTuneCore has partnered with INDMUSIC to offer YouTube monetization services to distributed artists. An important new source of revenue for artists, YouTube monetization is an increasingly crowded sector including competitor Audium launched by Tunecore founders Jeff Price and Peter Wells.

image from www.trbimg.comINDMUSIC,  which had big success earlier this year monetizing the viral success of Baauer's "Harlem Shake" video, claims to the the largest independent music network on YouTube with 1.9 million subscribers and 2.1 billion views. 

Under the Tunecore INDMUSIC deal TuneCore administers the composition and INDMUSIC manages the sound recording royalties Artists keep 90%of all royalties earned from their composition and 80% of all royalties earned from a sound recording when others their your music in YouTube videos. Artist get 100% of the royalties from their own YouTube channel.

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