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VEVO Launches “Most Significant” Update and Splits VEVO TV

image from i1-news.softpedia-static.comOn Friday VEVO launched a major redesign and overhaul. The new VEVO have a more social feel, improve search and make it easier to browse and discover new videos. It's all aimed at keeping VEVO fresh as video viewing moves of the web and onto mobile and connected TVs.“  VEVO has launched the new web and mobile sites tday, and mobile, tablet and TV apps will be updated over the next few weeks

"Today’s changes feature a complete ground-up rebuild of our web and mobile web apps.,” wrote SVP of Product & Technology Michael Cerda.

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VEVO TV, which launched in May, has been split into three feeds:  a "pop" channel (the main feed), Country and R&B/Rap. Each offers a continuous stream of genre based videos and music programming. Artist pages were also redesigned, delivering more content.  

While the shift will be obvious to consumers. the biggest changes are happening behind the scenes. VEVO had been built on a Microsoft .NET stack, according to TechCrunch. Now the backend is a Node.js framework. There's also a totally revamped API that makes it easier for VEVO extend its content to partners.

A mobile screeshot:

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  1. I love vevo! But since the update it won’t load anymore. I have the Apple TV and since Friday I can’t watch it anymore .

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