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Watch Out Spotify, Deezer Passes 5 Million Paid Subscribers, Adds New Mac and Discovery Apps

image from cdn-files.deezer.comDeezer narrowed the important paid subscriber gap with Spotify passing the 5 million mark.  That's up from 2 million paid users in October of 2012.  Spotify claimed 6 million paid subscribers as of May 2013.  Deezer also says it offers 30 million tracks, 10 million more than Spotify.

“Doubling the number of paid subscribers in 12 months sends a hugely encouraging signal that music streaming’s time is now,” Deezer CEO Axel Dauchez said in a statement. “One year ago we pledged to launch Deezer worldwide because we felt music deserved to be truly global. One year on, we are proud to say that we have over-delivered on our promises, with more than 5 million subscribers across more than 180 countries and a team of expert editors around the world sharing their love and passion for music. But we’re not content to simply keep up with the world; we want to lead the charge.”

Deezer also launched a new Mac app and two new music discovery features:

Hear This is a personal music feed, powered by the users taste. It combines computer chosen music alongside hand-picked music. 

  • image from blog.deezer.comGet recommendations direct from Editors based on the music you listen to. 

  • See the latest releases from the users favorite bands.

  • Hear playlists created by friends 

  • Listen to tunes that friends recommend


is the second feature to be unveiled today. It provides a new way to  browse the latest releases and Deezer Picks


  • image from blog.deezer.comFilter by region to find the latest recommendations from a particular part of the world. A  team of 50 Editors are spread all over the world.

  • Explore a favorite type of music with the new genre filters.

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