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2013 Gift Guide For Vinyl Lovers From Indie Releases To A Dokken LP Wall Clock

Zoe-boekbinder-sister-scarecrowVinyl's shaping up to be a big Christmas gift item and there are lots of interesting option available for the vinyl lover you're seeking to please. I went through a group of suggested gift lists, including The NY Times, Pitchfork and MetalSucks, and gathered some possibilities. And if my special selections do not suit, consider them brainstorming ideas or dig deeper into the retailers and suggested gift lists!

The Vinyl Word has a guide to online vinyl retailers with a reminder to buy direct from labels and artists when you can.

Via Hifidelics where the Christmas Sale featuring albums like Zoe Boekbinder's "Sister Scarecrow" (shown above, $8.10) goes on till the end of December.

The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records

Pitchfork recommends an oversize release from Jack White Records called "The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records 1917-1932, Volume 1" ($400).

"Housed in a limited-edition, hand-sculpted cabinet-of-wonder" this collection includes 6 vinyl LPs and a bunch of other stuff addressing part of the history of Paramount Records. It's pretty wild that this is only a first volume.

Houston Rap


Both The NY Times and Pitchfork recommend "Houston Rap" by Peter Beste. The Deluxe Bundle ($150) includes not only the book of photographs but a DJ Screw/Fat Pat 7" and a DJ Screw "All Screwed Up" double LP. Plus more cool stuff!

Dokken "Back For The Attack" Vinyl LP Wall Clock


MetalSucks shares gift suggestions for metal lovers and haters alike including the one-of-a-kind Dokken "Back For The Attack" Vinyl LP Wall Clock ($23.99).

Finding Light In The Darkness

If you've got a music/maker munchkin around the house who has a strange fascination for industrial sounds or rhythmic screaming or just likes to solder things together, consider a dose of Pharmakon on vinyl ($15). And remember that even in the darkest times light can be found!

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