9 Tricks For Getting More Retweets On Twitter

Retweet-rosaura-ochoa-flickrRetweeting and getting retweets is a big part of the Twitter music marketing game. TrackMaven, a competitive intelligence data gathering service, recently released a free "Retweet Report" based on an analysis of 1.7 million tweets. Jeff Bullas then compiled and discussed 9 tricks one can use to increase the likelihood of being retweeted. Though I never turn such insights into a one size fits all rulebook, I find that experimenting with such details does change the response one gets on Twitter.

"The Retweet Report" is available as a free download from TrackMaven. They look at correlations between various actions and the numbers of retweets on Twitter and came up with a nice mix of the obvious and the surprising.

Jeff Bullas teased out 9 especially useful points for getting retweets:

9 Tricks For Getting More Retweets On Twitter

#1. Tweet on Sundays

#2. Tweet between 10pm and 11pm

#3. Use more hashtags

#4. Position your link 90% of the way through the tweeet

#5. Use pictures on Twitter

#6. Implement Twitter picture previews when tweeting

#7. Use “Retweet” not “RT”

#8. Use exclamation marks when tweeting

#9. Use UPPERCASE on Twitter

I'm not sure I can bring myself to use UPPERCASE in my tweets but I guess that's what separates the real winners from those of us who lag behind!

See jeffbullas.com for more on the above 9 tricks and TrackMaven for even more in an easily browsable report.

[Thumbnail image courtesy Rosaura Ochoa.]


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