Live & Touring Ticketing and Donor Management Tools Now Available In Web-hosted Edition

Artfully-logoFractured Atlas, a nonprofit artists services company, recently launched the hosted version of to provide full self-service for ticketing and donations in one. is designed for small and medium size nonprofit arts organizations. It should be especially useful for groups seeking an integrated solution for keeping up with donors and audience members not just to sell tickets or collect donations but to manage ongoing relations.

Hypebot previously covered Fractured Atlas's insurance program for artists and the previous release of as an open source solution. Now is available on the web, no need to host it yourself, and sounds like a great tool for nonprofits or for groups headed in that direction.


Fractured Atlas has been developing the hosted version of for quite some time. In an interview program director Selena Juneau-Vogel described their process which is, in part, a response to vendor solutions that sound similar to the overpriced, bloated nonsense that still plagues many legacy systems across industries.

They've also been conducting focus groups with artists and, according to their official announcement, developed

"in collaboration with hundreds of arts groups from across the country, including New York’s Third Rail Projects, Austin’s Fuxebox Festival, Florida’s Tampa Rep, DC’s Pointless Theatre, and Tennessee's Ensemble Theater of Chattanooga. Over the past three years, beta users tested the platform and worked closely with Fractured Atlas to improve and add features in order to better meet the needs of small arts organizations."

It's free to get started on There are per ticket and credit card processing fees as well as specific requirements for using the donation kit. You can check pricing here.

The features list should help you get a sense of the overall product. In addition to selling tickets and taking donations, you can do such things as:

  • Sync MailChimp lists and contacts with
  • Offer multiple discount codes [and] Group sales pricing options
  • Offer online RSVP for free events
  • View and search by patrons' lifetime value to your organization

It's clearly designed to meet the needs of nonprofits who need to build ongoing relationships with their audiences and donors. That's a much more complex undertaking than simply selling tickets for one event or even managing a basic box office.

Response has been enthusiastic. As Brad Carlin, managing director of Austin's Fusebox Festival stated:

"This is a game changer for us…In a festival where we only have 12 days to capture someone’s attention, we have to be able to respond very quickly to what people are interested in. We’re able to learn about our audience’s behavior and taste, what kind of projects in the festival they like, and help tailor our communications to them so that we can encourage them to see other things."

Check the FAQ for more details.


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