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Auto Shazam Now Available For iPhone Automatically Tagging Music, TV Shows and Ads

Shazam-logoYesterday Shazam updated its iOS app for iPhone and iPod Touch with the addition of Auto Shazam among other touches. Already available for the iPad, Auto Shazam basically works in the background identifying and tagging songs, tv shows and advertisments in your immediate environment. This then creates a dated record and can power playlists for such services as YouTube and Rdio. Rdio also now supports automatically updated playlists of Shazam tags.

Shazam's updated iOS app became available yesterday. The big news is the rollout of Auto Shazam to iPhones:

"When the user turns on Auto Shazam, the app notifies the user whenever it identifies a new song, show, or ad. All matches automatically go into the user’s collection and are listed by date, so users can browse through their list, opening the Shazams that interest them. This history reflects the playlist of a user’s commute, road trip, or evening out, making it easy to go back and rediscover favorite moments, 'star' them to save the best ones, buy the music or TV content, or get more information."

Auto-shazamAuto Shazam can work even when your phone's screen is locked. While there is the possibility of gathering way too much information, the default is "off" and you have to set a timer for a period of recording.

You know, if a company like Facebook was offering this product, that default would be "on" 24/7 and then they'd filter it for you and decide for you what you should hear!

Shazam offers such examples of use as riding in the car and tagging songs automatically off the radio, going to the movies and having a record of the songs from the film or watching tv and multitasking while identifying music in shows.

In the States you can also identify ads and tv shows which provides additional content related to the tv shows.

Last week Shazam announced an improved integration with Rdio that automatically turns tagged songs into playlists for streaming.

Other integrations include iTunes, which has led to lots of music sales, and the ability to stream tagged music via YouTube.

Tag sharing options for Twitter, Facebook and Google+ were already available. The new iOS app adds the ability to pin tags to Pinterest and share tags using WhatsApp and iOS Messages.

Even if you're not interested in tracking, tagging and sharing all this stuff, I think it's pretty clear that Shazam is doing an exceptional job of using their audio identification technology to power a consumer-friendly app that's tying together many of the web's loose ends.


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