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Deadmau5 Launches Deadmau5 Live Subscription Site For Superfans

Deadmau5-live-screengrabIn late November Deadmau5 teased plans to launch a private site/subscription service just for his fans. The "really soon" stretched out a bit but Deadmau5 Live is indeed live. The site includes both free and paid content at $4.99 a month. It's a great opportunity for Deadmau5 to see what he can do with a true homebase for his fans and an opportunity for other artists to observe how things go. Deadmau5 Live may do quite well and is definitely an experiment worth watching.

Deadmau5 took a Twitter break but now he's back and he's finally following up on his Facebook promises with the launch of Deadmau5 Live:


The site has an interesting look and free content. However the subscription service ($4.99/mo. or $44.99/yr.) offers the following:

Reach – Personal text messages
Chat – Talk to deadmau5 himself
Live Stream – Tune into live broadcasts
WTF? – Get status updates throughout the day
Photos – Best of the best images
Music – Create your own playlist of the best, newest, unreleased music
Video – Watch exclusive recorded videos
MSG Bored – Connect with other fans & stay up-to-date on all the good stuff happening here
VIP QR Code – Your ticket to private events

Given Deadmau5's high visibility and outspoken nature I'm sure we'll hear how things go for better or for worse. I think it's an encouraging experiment and one more artists with established fanbases should explore.


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  1. I checked out the service but was severely disappointed as it was an independent platform developed by him and a team of his choice. The way he did his AMA on reddit had suggested that was going to be the case, so I feel misled.
    He does not produce enough content to warrant a $4.99 subscription price. The guys at have a better way of going about it IMO.

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