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GAGADOLL: Lady Gaga Sex Doll Pushes ARTPOP Marketing Into New Territory

Gagadoll-yahoo-japanLady Gaga's been pretty open about her personal life and puts forth a strong image of sexual exploration and of excess. She's also very much into appropriating art and fashion ideas across cultures and time periods. So GAGADOLL makes a lot of sense given her approach though it must read rather differently from a Japanese perspective than that of the West. Then again, it's basically a music-enabled celebrity sex doll.

For the last couple of days word has been spreading about the launch of GAGADOLL which is described as the "world's first life-size human-shaped listening station that closely resembles Lady Gaga. The bone conduction system enables one to listen to her songs and message."

You can see one individual's encounter with this bone conduction system in the video below:

The Making of "GAGADOLL"

It's all part of the ongoing campaign for Lady Gaga's recent release "ARTPOP" and Yahoo! Japan's in on the act with a special interactive GAGADOLL page.

However, this page does not offer the interaction you seek!

GAGADOLL is a joint creation of PARTY, a cutting edge design and marketing firm based in Tokyo and New York, and Orient Industry (aka Orient Industries), Japanese-based high quality sex doll makers.

Orient Industries put out a press release (via CMU) whose key message is:

"Even though she has all the parts necessary for sex please don't have sex with her!"

I would translate that as "fuck this doll whether you're alone or at a gangbang of Little Monsters, it's all good!"

While my translation may lack some cultural nuances and sensitivity, we all know what's going on here. And at least she's theoretically conscious and of age, unlike some of Orient Industries other products which include a few that appear underage and at least one that seems to be passed out or asleep.

Apparently GAGADOLL is rental only so do play safe!


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