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Mixcloud Launches New Site In Beta For Easy and Enjoyable Music Mix Browsing

Mixcloud-logoMixcloud, a music streaming service featuring DJ mixes, launched a redesign in Beta that users can access now. The old version is still available but response is already positive for the new look of an increasingly important service. It's a bit glitchy but the grid-style display makes it easy to browse and discover particular artists and mixes. Hopefully key elements will settle into place and Mixcloud users can enjoy a new experience.

The new Mixcloud is said to be "redesigned and built from the ground up." I found some grid-style feed pages (Feed, Trending) to be working quite nicely and others (New Uploads, Your Favorites) simply loading ads, at least in Google Chrome. But the old version is still available for those wanting to wait for a bit more stability.

I took a quick look back at the old design, still at, and it's nice as well but it lists the mixes rather than displaying them in a grid. SoundCloud does something similar in its Explore section but I find a grid display much more conducive to browsing and discovery.


Initial Twitter response is positive.

DJ Tech Tools provides additional details about The Beta Known as Mixcloud X. Additions include:

"persistent audio player that follows the user around the site"

"visually customizable user profile page"

"Cloudcast pages that feature waveforms, colors, and prominent album art"

improved search

With more features to follow.

It's a good look at a time when visual design elements are an increasingly important aspect of one's listening environment.


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