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Music Startup Beta: An Upcoming LA Hackathon For Music Tech Startups

Music-startup-betaMusic Startup Beta, happening in Los Angeles Saturday and Sunday, December 7 and 8, is a unique concept organized by Corey Crossfield, Ryan Cox, and Jason Espiritu of The Collective. Teams of "designers, developers, and business professionals" will work together hackathon-style to create "music industry related startups." Music Startup Beta has an impressive list of participants and, even if the affair sounds a bit complicated, it should be quite a scene.

Music Startup Beta will be held at the Beverly Hills offices of The Collective (tickets and directions). Team members Corey Crossfield, Ryan Cox, and Jason Espiritu are running the show along with a unique group of Coaches:

  • Sarah Abelson, Business and Entertainment Attorney
  • Edward Abner, Founder, (
  • Matt Baca, Chief Strategy Officer (The Windish Agency)
  • Kyle Bylin, User Researcher, (Live Nation Labs)
  • Cory Dransfeldt, Web Developer and Digital Marketer
  • Rasmus Hansson, Developer (
  • Shashi Jain, Co-founder and CTO, (
  • Dwayne LeBlanc, Marketing, (Interscope Geffen A&M Records)
  • Shelby Moran, Branding, (Warner Music)
  • Nick Seaver, Cultural Anthropologist, (UC Irvine)

And Judges:

  • Francis Ramsden, The Collective
  • Mikelle Schwartz, Collective Sounds
  • Jason Feinberg, Epitaph Records
  • Shelly Hartman, Beatport
  • David Yeager, Beats Music
  • Joey Flores, Earbits

You can check the site for the schedule which mostly involves building music tech companies:

"Music Startup Beta is a challenge of entrepreneurship in the music industry over the course of a weekend. Designers, developers, and business professionals work in teams that develop music industry related startups over the course of a weekend."

"With the help of coaches and judges, the teams are able to build startups with advice from industry insiders. The weekend builds culminate in presentations and demonstrations of the products on the last day in front of judges."

It took a while to sink in but this is potentially an amazing opportunity for all involved. Whatever comes of the projects the information shared should be quite rich. And learning and brainstorming in a maker environment is likely to be thought provoking.

Advance tickets for participants are $20 and Sunday's presentations of the project are free but get a ticket so they know you're coming.


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  1. Hey Franco, I’m Corey and I’m one of the co-organizers of the event. We’re actually donating all of the proceeds from the event to a local youth coding organization. This includes all ticket sales. Hope you can come out to the event!

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