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Music x Good Causes: Songs for the Philippines, Immunity Project, Everything is New

Songs-for-the-phillipinesThough musicians have struggles of their own, many are willing to help others. Three examples are currently in progress helping survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, supporting development of an AIDS vaccine and caring for untouchable children of India. These efforts take the form of an album, Songs for the Philippines, donations of Patreon's seasonal profits and a multifaceted creative effort organized by Transgressive North. Please consider supporting these campaigns or others in your community this holiday season.

Songs for the Philippines

The Super Typhoon Haiyan left at least 8,000 dead or missing in the Philippines. A wide range of musicians are doing their part to help.

Songs for the Philippines gathers 39 songs from big stars including The Beatles, Adelle, Lorde, Katy Perry and Bob Dylan.

Proceeds from the project will benefit the Philippine Red Cross.

Patreon Donates Profits to Immunity Project

Through the end of the year Patreon is donating all profits to Immunity Project:

"Immunity Project is a non-profit initiative dedicated to developing an HIV vaccine. We hacked the HIV life cycle to develop a vaccine that gives you the same power as HIV controllers. With success in our clinical trials, our goal is to give our vaccine away to the world for free."

Naveen Jain shares the story of Immunity Project.

Everything is New: Helping the Untouchables

The Everything is New Project is a multifaceted effort to support Dalit (untouchable) children in India.

Organized by Transgressive North, Everything is New benefits Scottish Love in Action and their support of the Light Of Love Children's Home.

The project includes two albums and a film:

Sun Choir – a full-length album composed and recorded by Edinburgh-based art-pop band Marram with the children of the Light of Love Children's Home

BOATS – a 29-track compilation album of exclusive new tracks made with the children's voices by celebrated international artists

Everything is New – a 70 minute feature film starring the children of the Light Of Love Children's Home

Found out more at Everything is New Project.

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