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Tribune Company To Combine Gracenote and Tribune Media Services For Entertainment Metadata

Gracenote-logoYesterday media corporation Tribune Company officially announced that they were acquiring Gracenote from Sony. Gracenote is a leading music and video recognition and metadata company that has a strong automotive presence. Tribune Company is purchasing all shares of Gracenote from Sony for $170 million and will complete the process first quarter 2014. Gracenote will be combined with Tribune Media Services, their tv and movie metadata company, to create an even bigger entertainment metadata service.

Tribune Company announced yesterday their acquisition of Gracenote from Sony Corporation of America and their plans to combine it with Tribune Media Services.

Not sure what it's going to be called but, once merged, the combo will have deep tv, movie and video resources with Tribune introducing music to their mix.

This also brings the automobile into Tribune's reach given Gracenote's strength in that realm. With the growing presence of video in automobiles, this aspect should also build on their combined strengths.

Janko Roettgers recently interviewed Gracenote President Stephen White about their automotive activities and the potential for powering personlized radio ads:

Ryan Lawler at TechCrunch has more of the bigger picture perspective.


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