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Yahoo! Acquires EVNTLIVE Concert Streaming Platform

image from Yahoo! has aquired concert streaming platform EVNTLIVE. Founded by former Cisco CTO Judy Estrin, the EVNTLIVE team will now join Yahoo's video team working on Yahoo Music and Yahoo Screen. No details of the deal were announced, but  the company had received $2.3 million in fuNding from Vint Cerf, Yogen Dalal, Dave House and others.

After creating a beautiful interface and an impressive launch, EVNTLIVE failed to gain traction. In fact, no has had  repeated success in paid concert streaming.

UPDATE:  Techcrunch offers some insight as to why Yahoo! bought EVNTLIVE: "The move taps not just into how Yahoo hopes to build up its audience of users who spend more time with Yahoo, but also subsequently tap into premium advertising served alongside it."

The announcement came on via a post on the EVNTLIVE site:

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We are thrilled to announce that EVNTLIVE has been acquired by Yahoo!

When we started EVNTLIVE in early 2012, we set out to change the way that fans engage with live music online by creating an interactive, virtual venue. Since launching our beta service in April 2013, we have live streamed hundreds of performances from amazing artists and festivals to fans all over the world.

Although our service will no longer be available, we are excited to be joining Yahoo's video team. Click for more information about Yahoo Screen and Yahoo Music.

Thank you to our investors, fans, and the artists who helped bring our dream to life.



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  1. I know I’m really behind but this online gig thing isn’t something I’ve really looked into. It always sounds interesting though. Maybe 2014 will be my year for online gigs

  2. A lot of people find the idea of watching live concerts on WebTV interesting, and today nearly every major artist does it for visibility to the widest possible audience. The chokepoint is SCALE. You will never build a go-to channel for live content when you have to drop $20,000 on a manned crew to produce a single show, and simple webcam technology (while easy) will never be TV quality entertainment. A new production-side technology is needed to do the heavy lifting.
    Once you can produce content at scale–think connected and fully automated camera installs–a new way to monetize is needed to keep the content free while keeping the show intact for viewers. No one wants to be throwing a house party to Tiesto live from a club in Vegas only to be interrupted by a 30 sec commercial for Geico. figured out how to enable users to produce quality live content and they now see 45 million unique visitors a month.

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