YouTube Live Streaming Opens To All Musicians

Youtube-live-eventsYouTube live streaming is opening up to all channels with verified accounts in good standing. Live streaming was introduced over the summer but initially required 5000 subscribers. In a related move further knitting together YouTube and Google+, you can now launch a Google+ Hangout from YouTube's Live Events manager. For smaller channels, this rollout will open up additional means of connecting more directly with fans.

image from www.buylikesandfollowers.netYouTube is rolling out live streaming over the next few weeks. You can check your YouTube account feature page or look for Live Events to be added to your Video Manager.

Note that you must have a verified account and be in good standing for this to happen. So you'll need to attend to those matters first.

The YouTube Live Events manager will also now allow you to launch a Google+ Hangout On Air centralizing your live event management.

For more on what you can do with YouTube live streaming, check out this post by Emil Protalinski.


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  1. And, unlike UStream (whom I’ve loved for years until recently), YouTube does not (at this time) interrupt your live broadcasts with commercials. Also, if you’re a YouTube partner, you get a slice of the ad revenue if you DO choose to include preroll/commercials.
    I’ve been doing this for weeks now and it’s wonderful… you can see at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sovPxKje3Q&list=PLr94yr2BIVpunxRPtwVeBypHrBCQYqE3J
    My advice: Don’t waste money on YouTube’s (or UStream’s) stripped-down paid versions of WireCast they’re trying to sell you. Just save up the money and get the real thing from Telestream. It’s pricey, but it’s going to work on multiple platforms (simultaneously if you have the bandwidth) and get real support from the developer.

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