5 Ways Street Performing At The Rose Bowl x BCS Championship Improved My Music Career

Kosha-dillz-portraitBy indie rapper Kosha Dillz (@koshadillz) who is part of the upcoming Turquoise Dreams Tour.

This past week I performed for hours at the Rose Bowl and the BCS championship game, so I wanted to write an article about my experience. I have performed for people all over the world. I realize it's not enough. It's an insatiable quest for all artists in our goal to perform. If you are a show junkie like me, you are figuring out how to stay busy so you don't get depressed and fall into a cave of "when is my next tour" syndrome.

A big fear of mine is embarassing myself or being honest with myself, which I may feel is just as humiliating. And speaking of that, what way to permeate my OCD, by freestyle rapping on a box during a national tailgate for 6 hours! But let me tell you, being an out of work artist is way less profitable than an artist who performs every day wherever he gets a chance. And paid my rent yesterday. And I live in Korea Town Los Angeles!

EsNews Covers Kosha Killz at the BCS Championship

1. Rapping on a box was never so visible but yesterday it was.

Take notes guys. I set up my electronic speakers with a mic and an African drummer playing a basic drum beat yesterday. I set out my merch and I started rapping. Than people realized I was a fully operational store. Go to places that are awesome. Two guys in the past two bowl games gave me 100 dollar bills. All I did was rhyme Seminole with testicles like 30 times and Instagram with stretchy pants.

The moral of the story? You never know who is watching.

Side Tip: The best nation is do-nation. I mean you really can't complain about that nation's politics….can you? Not charging people makes them feel more obliged to give.

2. I adapted to my scenery of collegiate ESPN madness.

Improv is a good exercise and you get good at reading crowds. We had black people, Asian people, brown people, white people, hicks, jocks, and anything else you could think of from Michigan State to Stanford to Auburn to Florida State. If I can have fun with people walking by and making faces, I only build my skin and am able to perform anywhere. Consider it a gym day, when you don't have a gym to work out in. Consider it an off day from school, when you still have to study.

The moral of the story? When life gives you lemons, paint that shit gold.

Side Tip: It never hurts to dress or act like a little bit of each man/woman in that scenery. My drummer wore a Michigan state shirt at the Rose Bowl last week.

3. Work with your neighbors the Greasy Weiner.

This guy does not want to buy your cd. He wants to buy a 12 dollar hot dog from the Greasy Weiner. Team up with your selling buddies on tour and do combos. People from Greasy Weiner gave us free food by their truck and made donations themselves, and all their customers came over too. When I'll be on tour with Turquoise Jeep and Yip Deceiver at the end of this month, I can't wait to help everyone out. If they get your stuff, tell them to get theirs too. If they get their stuff, you might find some people who heard about you from your neighbor.

The moral of the story? We gotta all sling our hot dogs, so let's sling em together.

Side Tip: Always be the nicer neighbor, because you are trying to earn your stay while they have already been there.

4. I didn't panic that 2000 people walked by and looked at me like an idiot.

Over 100,000 people walk by your little performance stage to and from this venue. I stand there and I'm like oh snap there are so many people, maybe 2000 walked by and no one put any money in the box. All of a sudden, it slows down and the next 10 people stop and talk to me. The fact is you wouldn't be doing something you wouldn't want to. After my street performing, I have one more story, one more fan, and a couple more smiles of enjoyment. When I enjoy myself and don't panic, things attract to me and happen naturally. Sort of like any relationship…when you least expect it, someone comes into your life and changes it. I was on some big boxing network yesterday and got 100 new Instagram followers.

The moral of the story? Having fun will make you better at everything.

Side Tip: Not panicking about everything and everyone will keep you more focused and connected to each thing and each person.

Kosha Dillz Sneaks Into the Rose Bowl

5. I took a big chance and walked into the Rose Bowl for a cup of coffee.

Did you ever notice how that guy crashed Obama's party and no one knew? Do you see how some people just stroll up on the red carpet? Yesterday I walked right into the Rose Bowl to buy a cup of coffee. Next thing you know I was inside the Rose Bowl where people paid the minimum of $325 face value ticket to walk in there. Next thing you know I was in the front row of the game having the time of my life, because that's where I belong. I eventually bought a cup of coffee, but I was probably the only rapper that has ever done that, and that's what I want to do.

The moral of the story? Act like you want to be in the place you are afraid of being and you can be anywhere.

Side Tip: Even though you are lying now, you are really telling a future truth.

In closing…

Not only is street performing fun and amazing, but now people who would never do that want to come and perform with me on the street. I am gonna tour with One Direction. I'll tour with Justin Bieber. My friend Mariko played in a subway and was singing Alex Clare and guess what….Alex Clare was there watching it. That night, she was asked to open for Alex Clare. Matisyahu previously picked up a street performer and had him sit in with him at a gig in the Twitter office. I bet after rapping outside Justin Bieber concerts for a whole year, I'd be able to open up for one of them. Remember Rudy? It worked for him at Notre Dame.

So here is a big L'Chaim to being Awkward in a Good Way (like my album title which is out now) and here is a L'Chaim to not caring who is watching, freestyling about hot dogs, how black girls from Alabama love Jewish rappers named after pickles, being friendly to neighbors, dressing up for Red Carpet awards when you are not invited, being happy for the War Eagles horrible loss and believing that FSU could run back what might be the greatest touchdown in the history of college football.

Because, believe it or not, this is all some of what creates my desire to be a successful working musician. One day, this hard work will have us filling up venues to the gills and we will have all these times to remember.

Oh yeah…
Speaking of FSU, check out my upcoming tour dates with Turquoise Jeep and Yip Deceiver.


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