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UPDATE: Beats Music Deals With Tech Issues

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UPDATE:  On Friday evening, I spoke to Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers who shared that the service has actually been fully functional since Wednesday evening; and recent comments online from impressed users confirm that. The Beats team apparently delayed publishing the blog post announcing the fix to avoid a major influx of new users that might strain the system.  

[Friday AM] Beats Music appears to still be struggling to add new users, as of mid-day on Friday. The just launched and much publicized music streamer hit a snag on Wednesday when it was forced to stop adding new users. "Due to the extremely high volume of interest in our service some users are experiencing issues," wrote CEO Ian Rogers. And while reviews have generally been positive, some tech writers and users are reporting glitches. Late Thursday night, Beasts posted and then took down an announcement from Rogers that, "Our team squashed the issues quickly and you should be happily listening to Beats Music now."

Here is the full text of the retracted post, still down as of Noon ET on Friday.  

The response to Beats Music so far has been incredible. Thank you! As we mentioned earlier, the massive volume of new registrations on opening day caused issues for a few listeners. Our team squashed the issues quickly and you should be happily listening to Beats Music now.

Please be sure you’re on the latest version of Beats Music by going to the App Store and clicking UPDATE.

To thank you for being early we are extending the 7 day trial to 14 days for all customers who sign up before  +Saturday evening.  Enjoy!

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It’s an exciting time to be a music fan, and there’s a lot more yet to come. So stay tuned, and enjoy the music.

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