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GoPro Video Camera Maker Responds To Musicians with HERO3+ Black Edition/Music

Gopro-mountWe discuss video quite a bit at Hypebot, especially in the form of creative videos, software and services, but we rarely discuss hardware. However an effort by GoPro to better serve musicians and music video makers debuts this week for NAMM and will be available at retail this spring. The HERO3+ Black Edition/Music switches up the gear that comes with the GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition camera for a bundle that is better designed for those shooting music concerts than those planning to get dunked in water at high speeds.

GoPro has earned an envious marketplace position as first in the minds of those who wonder what kind of strap-on cameras people are using in all those great athletic POV videos available on the web.

Music videomakers have also employed GoPro's rugged, lightweight and waterproof cameras for a variety of videos. For example, in the video below you see footage of Bootsy Collins with a clamped-on GoPro on his guitar as well as footage from the GoPro.

GoPro POV Bootsy Collins Bass Solo

A fun POV video was shot by David Finlayson with a trombone while Chris Crutchfield shows you the GoPro view of Coachella from 6'7".

GoPro's HERO3+ Black Edition is one of their lightest cameras. It normally comes with such extras as a waterproof housing.


But the upcoming HERO3+ Black Edition/Music ditches the extra protection and switches up the bundle:

"Instead of the waterhousing that is traditionally bundled with all GoPro cameras, the HERO3+ Black Edition/Music comes with The Frame, GoPro's sleekest, lowest-profile camera mounting solution and the smallest, lightest way to mount a HERO3+ camera when waterproof protection isn't required. The Frame provides easy access to all ports and full exposure to the camera's microphone, delivering a superior audio recording performance. "

Additional accessories include:

2 Removable Instrument Mounts

Mic Stand Mount

Jaws: Flex Clamp

Debuting this week at NAMM the HERO3+ Black Edition/Music hits retail in the spring for $399.99 at such outlets as Guitar Center, Sam Ash and Sweetwater in the U.S. and Long & McQuade in Canada.

Hypebot Senior Contributor Clyde Smith (Twitter/Facebook) is relaunching All World Dance. To suggest topics about music tech, DIY music biz or music marketing for Hypebot, contact: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.

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