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Lily Allen Regrets Turning Down Bitcoin As Kanye’s Lawyers Attack Coinye

CoinyecoinBitcoin got another music media bump with Lily Allen tweeting that she turned down a bunch of Bitcoin for a live Second Life event a few years back. But who knew? Bitcoin's also now a reference point and inspiration for other cryptocurrencies. The alt currency recently known as Coinye West put Bitcoin in the headlines but also led to legal action. Now dubbed CoinyeCoin, the currency launched early to avoid being squashed. So how long will it take other rappers to launch their own currency?

Lily Allen Regrets Missing Early Adopter $tatus

Lily Allen tweeted (via Mashable) that she once passed up a now lucrative Bitcoin offer for a live streaming show on Second Life:


However loose the details of the tweet, since this offer would have been in the early days of Bitcoin while it was relatively hard to comprehend and certainly appeared unlikely to be worth much, she should probably give herself a break on that one.

Besides, as Dâniel Fraga responded, it's not too late:


Lawyers Attack But Coinye Launches Anyway

Last week news broke of the impending launch of Coinye West followed this week by the inevitable news of Kanye's lawyers seeking a cease-and-desist order.

Coinye West creators are doing what they can to resist legal restraints. They renamed it the CoinyeCoin, changed their promo image from Kanye to a more generic parody of a rapper, moved the site to an Indian domain and created a site where they launched yesterday.

Given the nature of cryptocurrencies, I'm not sure you can stop Coinye at this point. Should be interesting to watch play out.

But you know some lower tier rappers are getting set to launch their own cryptocurrencies. It's just a matter of time.

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  1. We’ve all missed opportunities here and there. There’s no use worrying about it. Like Dâniel Fraga said there’s still time for Lily Allen to get in on Bitcoin if she wanted to.

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