Make More Music Money With YouTube in 2014

Youtube-get-paid-onerpmYouTube has become one of the key tools for the new music industry from marketing to monetization. Key to maximizing your revenue is understanding the possibilities and there are numerous guides for so doing. If you want to focus in on ad revenue, Multi-Channel Networks are worth considering and there are many now available with a focus on music. And once you are creating and monetizing videos, it's probably time to take a look beyond YouTube for other platforms with similar options such as Daily Motion.

Familiarize Yourself With The Possibilities

If you're new to making money on YouTube and need an introduction or if you know a bit and just to need to step back and consider the bigger picture, there are a number of guides and resources available for just that purpose:

YouTube: Creator Playbook – an updated intro and overview.

YouTube: Playbook Guide for Music – a more focused version of the Playbook.

CD Baby: The Ultimate YouTube Guide For Musicians – great introduction to building a music channel for both marketing and monetization. If you're looking for new ideas, they also have some nice suggestions to spark brainstorming.

MonetizePros: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with YouTube & Web Video – more for the YouTuber crowd and by YouTuber, in this case, I mostly mean those dramatic personalities that have built shows around their dramatic personalities. It's a different slant on things than most musicians take but if you're good at looking at such things and seeing how they apply to what you're doing it's an excellent resource.

The other nice thing about checking out what YouTubers are doing on the business side is the recognition that as a musician you actually start out with a lot more on which to build than does someone who just makes funny videos.

Maximize Your YouTube Ad Revenues With MCNs

YouTube Multi-Channel Networks have been getting a lot of attention the last couple of years for aggregating YouTube channels to maximize YouTube ad revenue and crosspromote. These services will also help you claim your music used in other people's videos via YouTube's content id services.



CD Baby





The Orchard

Note: This is a list not a recommendation for any individual service. In addition to looking closely at their terms of agreement be sure to search the web for news about the individual company as well as issues encountered by musicians.

Find Additional Monetizable Outlets

So let's say you're making great videos, from quick behind-the-scenes snippets to full-length music videos, and doing well on YouTube. One way to maximize what you're doing is to find other platforms on which to show your video that share revenue or offer revenue creation possibilities.

Daily Motion might be a good place to start. It's hugely popular and has a couple of options for monetization:

Motionmaker – Somewhat similar to YouTube's Creator program, Motionmakers enroll for free, get upgraded tech, special offers and ad revenue.

Publisher – Website owners who join Dailymotion's Publisher program get ad revenue from videos show on their own sites. Even if you're just sharing your own videos, feature them on your site and earn a bit more revenue.

What are you doing to make money on YouTube?

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Hypebot Senior Contributor Clyde Smith (Flux Research/Twitter) is currently relaunching All World Dance. To suggest topics on music tech, DIY biz or music marketing for Hypebot, contact: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.

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