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Moby Continues “Innocents” Community Remixing At After BitTorrent Success

Innocents-cover-webMoby's release of an "Innocents" BitTorrent Bundle, featuring selected audio, stems for remixing and related content, was a hugely successful project for BitTorrent and resulted in lots and lots of remixes being posted on SoundCloud. But Moby has also been releasing complete project files for collaborative remix efforts on There the tracks are being released one at a time and collaboration is encouraged. Though you can speak of this as a marketing effort for all involved, Moby's clearly into the opportunity to open up a musical conversation.

Moby released the album "Innocents" in late September. In addition to promoting it by such means as full streams on NPR, he also released a BitTorrent bundle which contained for instant download:

A Case for Shame [Audio]
The Lonely Night [Video]
innocents Album Booklet [Art]
innocents Soundboard [Web]

Plus, if you gave them your email for both Moby and BitTorrent's mailing lists:

The Perfect Life [Audio]
The Lonely Night [Audio]
Saints [Audio]
A Case for Shame [Video]
The Perfect Life [Video]
Everything That Rises: Stems [Audio]
A Case for Shame: Stems [Audio]
Almost Home: Stems [Audio]
Going Wrong: Stems [Audio]
The Perfect Life: Stems [Audio]
The Last Day: Stems [Audio]
Don’t Love Me: Stems [Audio]
A Long Time: Stems [Audio]
Saints: Stems [Audio]
Tell Me: Stems [Audio]
The Lonely Night: Stems [Audio]
The Dogs: Stems [Audio]

With millions of downloads and lots of remixes, the "Innocents" bundle went on to achieve 8.9 million downloads by year's end. It is the most downloaded bundle since BitTorrent began the program.

But Moby also began offering his music for remixing on one track at a time. founder Alex Kolundzija noted:

"On Blend producers and musicians can quickly get the complete project files (not just stems) for the songs, and the community – including Moby – can see who is involved, preview the published remixes, and even be able to Pull those to evolve them further."

"All projects on Blend are currently published with the Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons license. We love to hear music created in the open space, but will add support for private collaborations very soon."

The experiment began with "The Perfect Life" from "Innocents" and continues with "Almost Home".

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