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Rock Is Most Popular Genre Among U.S. Album Buyers [CHART]

image from farm1.staticflickr.comRock music was the most popular genre with U.S. album purchasers in 2103. Statista used Nielson and Billboard data to find that  34.8% of all albums bought here in 2013 were categorized as rock.  

Here is the full chart of all genres:


more @ Statista

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  1. If Rock and Alternative are classified separately, then what falls into Alternative? How can anything considered Rock be sold the most when there is hardly any rock really being pushed out there?
    I can only assume that Rock means anything classic and alternative is “new”.

  2. Just a FYI I think it’s suppose to read that “…U.S. album purchasers in 2013.” not “…U.S. album purchasers in 2031.”
    tneo sou
    I’m sure the future upcoming genre of neo-triple step will be the top genre in 2031.

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