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sonicbidsUPDATE: Sonicbids users continue to express concern and even outrage after a rocky relaunch of the EPK and music opportunity site left many account assets unusable or seemingly deleted.  (See comments below and add your own experience.)  Sonicbids is aggressively trying to repair the problems, issuing multiple fixes daily - 11 on Tuesday alone. But they may come too late for many users who some sources say are abandoning the service en mass.

More on the original story plus user comments:

In early December, just a month after founder Panos Pany's exit, Sonicbids sent an email to users announcing the relaunch of their music gig and opportunity platform. The site went offline temporarily on Sunday, December 8th with the promise of a reboot that would include an "enhanced user experience with new tools and some awesome advancements to your EPK and the find gigs page".  But instead what followed has been a strady stream of complaints from users and mea culpa's from the Sonicbids team. 

More than two week's after the relaunch,  basic Sonicbids functions seem to be unusable for many paying suscribers:

  • Rick Stone AGAIN, WHERE is out calendar DATA????? I had YEARS of history there and you took it down without warning. I've been paying you for this service, and to be honest, it's the only part of Sonicbids I really used. My numerous inquiries to your tech support go unanswered. WHEN (if ever) will we get our data back?
  •  Rick Stone Well, 8 days have gone by since my conversations with Sonicbids tech support and unfortunately since then NO action. The data is apparently there, but the calendar widget is still broken and no way to retrieve our gig details. This SUCKS!

Other users just want a return to the old Sonicbids that was working for them:

  •  Bob Crain No No No don't you get it you can't fix it what you are proposing to send to buyers will not get past the first opening with all the photos and songs swirling around like a kaleidoscope. Stop trying to fix it and reinstall the old system that brought up a nice 1 Page with enough information and easily navigated....aren't you reading this stuff. I know no one is home at chat and you are not answering help emails as I have tried every day since the 12th. I expect a full credit of fees from the 12th until this mess is sorted or we all leave because it doesn't work and never will.
Still others, just want help:

Sonicbids staffers have responded to the stream of negative complaints with small fixes and workarounds - at least 20 since December 9th - and even more apologies. But the company has stopped short of admitting that they pushed a new product out well before it was ready and caused a great deal of turmoil for paying users.
  •  Blu Hopkins What is this new crap? I'm dumping you guys after many years as a customer. I can't spend valuable time trying to figure out your obscure ridiculous system after the easy to negotiate setup you had previously. I suspect you'll be losing lots of subscribers as soon as they've spent a few hours trying to figure the new garbage out and give up in disgust.
  •  Fatimah Eye'z Verrell you ruined my christmas!

 What were your experiences afer the Sonicbids relaunch?

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