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Soundcloud Biz Dev VP Dave Haynes Exits

image from cdn.doandroidsdance.comSoundcloud VP of Business Development Dave Haynes is exiting the company after five years. His reason appears to be personal including a desire to spend more time with his young family. "SoundCloud is a global company and thinking and acting globally has been one of the factors to our success,"  he wrote on his blog. "But there's an unavoidable overhead to managing a team in three different timezones and for the last three years I've been away from home for nearly a third of the year". 

What's next?

Dave HaynesHanyes was unclear, but it will not be in the music industry: "For now, I'll be leaving the music industry but I'll still be a keen observer and hope to carve out some time to play an active role in advising other music startups. Over the next few weeks I still have a few things to transition over, but have made sure to leave time to decompress before I start my next mission.

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