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Spotify CEO Daniel Ek Shares What He Really Thinks Of Beats Music

daniel ek"Some celebrity brand"

"It's a competitor, for sure, but my way of looking at it is, if it gets people to understand the value of streaming, it is ultimately good," said Spotify CEO Daniel Ek in a Billboard interview. "Our way of doing this is not just slapping some celebrity brand on it and hoping it will be good. We are a social service; we are a product company. People have tried to put a brand on it and thought that's enough, and they have failed: Microsoft, Nokia — many big companies."

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  1. no, Elk, you don’t see the value in streaming as slapping a celebrity brand on something. you see the value of streaming as making yourself about $400 million from Spotify while you tell the artists about how you can only pay them a fraction of a fraction of a penny per stream.

  2. Spotify pays a percentage of income. Just like iTunes, so thats no different to all other services out there.

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