Spotify Trolls Beats Music On Twitter To Steal Unhappy Users

spotifyLast week Spotify appeared to be trolling Twitter to find and reach out to users complaining about early glitches om the just launched Beat Music service. Using the official @spotify account, Spotify replied to tweets containing @beatsmusic or #BeatsMusic from anyone expressing frustration with their new competitor. At one point, Spotify offered returning users special incentives.

"Can you send us a DM? We'd love to help you #FreeYourMusic" was the usual message from @Spotify.  Many of the tweets have since been deleted, but here are some examples via Mashable:

image from 9to5mac.files.wordpress.comMiles Morales @AustinGIR 

As many times has crashed, reset profile, select artists/genre, and be told my playlist doesn't exist.

@AustinGIR Can you send us a DM? We'd love to help you .
@beatsmusic hey guys, what’s going on with user auth? can’t login on the site, and app keeps running me through the signup process.
In some cases Spotify was trying to win back customers with unnamed incentives: 
@Spotify how can I help? I used to have but I switched to and have been pretty happy.
@neokev We'd love you to see all of the new features, artists and layouts we've rolled out recently. DM us, and we'll sweeten the deal!

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