Top 10 Hypebot Podcasts Of 2013

6a00d83451b36c69e2019b03ed6c16970d-800wiHypebot produced 32 podcasts in 2013, which featured dozens of influential music industry executives and thinkers. We would like to thank everyone who we interviewed on the show, as well as everyone who tuned in and shared these conversations via social media. We have big plans for the show in 2014. Here is a list of the top 10 most listened to podcast episodes in 2013:

1. Will The EDM Explosion Continue?

Billboard writer Kerri Mason talks about the rise of EDM to prominence over the last few years and how it has changed the musical and business landscape. 

2. Think Different: Artist Manager Emily White

Artist manager and record label founder Emily White shares her unique views on music listener habits, music industry success, and staying true to yourself.

3. Best Social Media Practices For Musicians

Social media expert Amber Horsburgh offers tips on content strategy, fan engagement, and how an artist must grow on their way to success.

 4. The State Of The Record Labels

Music entrepreneur and author Jay Frank talks about the state of the major and indie record labels. Where do they stand today? How are they innovating?

5. The State Of The Music Business

Aaron Ray, former Partner and Head of New Media at the Collective, talks about the state of the music and technology business and where it might be going.

6. An Outside View Of Music Startups

Bandzoogle CEO David Dufresne shares an outsider's perspective on the state of the music and technology startup market (and its potential bubble) in the US.

7. Fractured: The Online Music Sector

Jason Herskowitz, an outspoken technology executive, talks about the fractured state of the online music market and how music sharing could be improved.

8. What This New Age Means For Indie Artists

Matt Voyno, co-author of the New Rockstar Philosophy, discusses how music and technology sector has changed and what this new age means for indie artists.

9. What Fans Want From Subscription Services

Digital music veteran Jon Maples talks about his decade long tenure at Rhapsody and what the future might hold for the subscription music streaming company.

10. Ten Years Gone: The Digital Music Wars

Journalist and author Steve Knopper discusses the music business wars of the past ten years. Labels vs. pirates! Consumers vs. DRM! Startups vs. tech giants!


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