Top 10 Music Crowdfunding Campaigns Of 2013

Carman-licciardelloOf the top platforms related to music crowdfunding only two, Kickstarter and Indiegogo, share their top funded campaigns. But these two platforms are a decent proxy for the overall health of music crowdfunding and, given these top campaigns from 2013, crowdfunding seems to be doing well. Amanda Palmer's 2012 campaign that resulted in over a million dollars in pledges remains the high point but numerous campaigns raised hundreds of thousands for their projects and helped further a history of success that is undeniable.

It would be nice to have PledgeMusic and RocketHub data as well but the following campaigns paint a nice picture of the high end of music crowdfunding. One of the important aspects of crowdfunding is it's relevance at multiple levels so assessing its health would require looking at a full range of campaigns. But the following definitely strike a positive note.

The top campaign of the year was that of Carman Licciardello who received $538,103 in pledges towards his $200,000 goal.

Top 10 Kickstarter & Indiegogo Music Crowdfunding Campaigns

1. New Carman Album and Music Video
Carman Licciardello – $538,103 pledged towards $200,000 goal

2. Protest the Hero NEW ALBUM
Protest the Hero – $341,146 pledged towards $125,000 goal

3. Make ENDLESS FANTASY more than an album!
Anamanaguchi – $277,399 pledged towards $50,000 goal

4. New Studio Album from Toad the Wet Sprocket!
Toad the Wet Sprocket – $264,762 pledged towards $50,000 goal

5. PIXIES: A Visual History (Exclusive Ltd. Ed. Hardcover)
The Pixies – $234,450 pledged towards $150,000 goal

Krishna Das – $207,185 pledged towards $54,000 goal

7. We The Kings – Our 4th Album!
We The Kings – $149,453 pledged towards $35,000 goal

8. New Full-Length Album from Misery Signals
Misery Signals – $104,035 pledged towards $50,000 goal

9. Triple Brutal – Austrian Death Machine makes New Record and Tour
Austrian Death Machine – $78,120 pledged towards $63,000 goal

10. Spock's Beard – 11th Studio CD
Spock's Beard – $69,119 pledged towards $25,000 goal


The Indiegogo genre info defaults to country level so those five are from the U.S.

Both Connecticut School Shooting Victims Fund Started by OneRepublic and NICK CARTER'S – EVIL BLESSINGS are listed in the most funded under music but I don't consider them music projects per se.


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  1. I actually took the top 5 from Kickstarter and the top 5 from Indiegogo and made the list.
    That’s why Devine didn’t get in though it’s quite an achievement.

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