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Want To Live Stream Your Music Concert? Here’s An Overview Of Options

Living-indie-logoOne of the most difficult aspects of writing about tech startups is that when a concept makes sense and gets funded, all sorts of other companies will get in the space. That quickly makes things hard to sort out. Over the last couple of years, Hypebot has covered numerous startups that offer ways to live stream videos of concerts. Recently I've been contacted by or come upon newer entrants. Today I'm sharing the full list and hope to start talking to musicians who've done well on such platforms in the near future.

Just to be clear, by live streaming platform I mean any site that allows you to broadcast your performances live via video, paid or free. There may be other features but that's the basic concept.

I've found at least 9 live streaming platforms that have been covered by Hypebot that are still in operation. They're included in a list of posts and links at the end of this post.

New Live Streaming Companies

Here are the companies that have recently come to my attention.

Living Indie

Living Indie looks really interesting and I plan to find out more about it.

The basic concept is threefold:

Live indie concerts and festival shows are streamed.

Shows are also archived for later viewing.

Additional features from live interview sessions to merchandise are included.

Living Indie is one of 13 startups to make it into the next round of Wayra U.K.'s tech startup mentoring process.

What's totally unclear at this stage is whether or not they shoot the shows themselves or are going for a broader platform. If it's open to indies for self-streaming, I'll definitely be back with more.


Zuzeen is said to make it possible for "musicians to broadcast live interactive video performances to their fans."

However they're also merging with to expand on a experiment they partnered on last year with classical musician Lang Lang:

"Over ten days 40,000 fans followed Lang Lang via his Rushmore channel 'while he travelled from airport to hotel, to press conference, to sold out concert hall.' The broadcast also included a live exclusive masterclass. The tie-in with Telefonica presumably came about via the fact that Zuzeen is an alumni of Wayra, the telco’s accelerator program."

This could be an interesting combination and worth checking back in on especially given's lofty aspirations.

Kickit With

Kickit With: Viewer or Musician

Paul Sawers describes Kickit With and I've got to say it just sounds way too complicated.

Big artists are provided with equipment. Smaller artists provide their own cameras and get gear from a company that Kickit With is still in negotiations with.

Plus they have two websites, neither of which are that inviting.

Seems like a tough sell.

More Live Streaming Companies

The following Hypebot posts cover individual live streaming companies that are still operative:

Stageit – link

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Turntable Live – link Fights For Survival with Turntable Live Performances

Livestream – link

Livestream Removes Ads, Offers Free Version

BitTorrent Live link and link (possibly on hold)

Live Streaming Launches: BitTorrent Live And

Ustream – link

Ustream Opens Pay-Per-View To General Public Including "Your Brother's Band"

Live – YouTube – link

YouTube Live Streaming Opens To All Musicians

Concert Window – link

Concert Window Creates Live Streaming Concert Network

Evinar – link

Monetizing Music Videos & Live Shows With Evinar & Gyroskope

Know of any more?

Hypebot Senior Contributor Clyde Smith (Twitter/Facebook) is relaunching All World Dance. To suggest topics about music tech, DIY music biz or music marketing for Hypebot, contact: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.

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