Assembling Your SXSW 2014 Tool Kit

Localeur-sxswIf you're heading down to Austin for SXSW you want to make sure you're well-organized before you land in chaos town. That should certainly include such staples as sunscreen and other items that might be hard to find or overpriced on site. But that could also include communication gear, business and party guides and throwback tools such as business cards. Here are a few examples to help you make your list and meet your needs.

StackSocial Tech Deals

In 9 days the StackSocial sale for the South By Southwest Tech Survival Kit ends. It combines a Karma 4G Hotspot for sharing WiFi and a Portable Power Bank for recharging

It's one example of the Gadgets and Gear Deals for which StackSocial is noted along with mobile apps and software.

Keep in mind that folks will love you if you hook them up with WiFi or a charge and even if it doesn't come to that you may well need such tools yourself.

There's still time to evaluate your communication needs and shop accordingly at your favorite place of business.

Localeur Ultimate Guide: SXSW 2014

Localeur is a new (to me) travel guide featuring a SXSW section. It's available as a handy iOS app.

You can find more guides by searching Google.

Be sure to have apps in working order before you head to Austin. Cause there's nothing worse than Googling for info in the middle of a big crowd made up of people who have no idea why you're bugging them with questions.

SXSW RSVP Tool and Side Party Guide

WillCall's SXSW RSVP tool should help you not only find out about parties but get on the list.

Also be sure to check out SXSW Side Parties for unofficial action from showcases to actual parties.

SXSW Business Card Delivery

Until February 27 you can order business cards from MOO and get free delivery during SXSW in Austin.

Orders over $30 also get a free survival kit including "free $30 ride from Uber, free coffee from Austin Java, Hello breath spray, and lots of other MOO treats."

Other Suggestions for SXSW Attendees?

Please share in the comments.


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