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Bandsintown For Promoters Launches Featuring Targeted Marketing Opportunities

Bandsintown-music-dnaBandsintown is expanding its reach beyond artists and fans who rely on the service for concert dates and music discovery. They're quite big with what they say are 9 million app installs and an overall reach to 40 milion unique fans monthly. Now they're helping promoters with targeted marketing campaigns that rely on all that fan data. They're kicking things off with email marketing based on fan location and musical taste.

Bandsintown is an important resource for musicians who wish to promote their upcoming shows. Among a variety of features, their app allows you to "turn tour dates into fully functional Facebook events that are synced with websites, blogs, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress and more."

Having initially developed their system to serve indie artists and their fans, they've gradually expanded their reach and improved services not only for musicians but for managers and labels.

Bandsintown For Promoters

Now they're targeting promoters with the launch of Bandsintown For Promoters which builds on their large store of data and previous features that allowed artists and fans to connect. According to their official announcement:

"Through the platform, event promoters will be able to purchase targeted marketing campaigns based on the geography and musical taste of the fans they want to reach, and decide when to push their event information out to fans, all with the support of Bandsintown’s editorial and creative team."

The initial campaigns will feature targeted email. Overall targeting options include:

Affinity Targeting – Identifying Artist's Core Fans and Fans of Similar artists

Location Targeting – City, State, Country Radius, DMA

Behavioral Targeting – Target fans who have taken a specific action or expressed purchase intent

I haven't created a campaign but the process looks pretty easy with a dashboard that allows you to pick targeting methods and get an estimate based on the fans you wish to reach who have opted in for promo contact and the quantity of emails you wish to send.

Signup is free and you can then plug in the info to find out what it would take to reach targeted fans by email.


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