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BitTorrent Debuts New Android Apps, Integrates Bundles Into Software, Teases Paygated Bundles

Press-hero-BTMobileBitTorrent's launch of BitTorrent Bundles opened up a new way for musicians and other digital content creators to expand their audience and superserve their fans. A variety of musicians and filmmakers have made use of BitTorrent Bundles with over 60 million downloads. Now an even stronger base is being built to support such efforts with the release of new BitTorrent Android apps and updated BitTorrent software that includes Bundle integration.

Back in September BitTorrent released BitTorrent Bundles in alpha offering the tech explored in earlier projects, such as DJ Shadow's "Total Breakdown", to digital publishers and content creators more widely.

Musicians and filmmakers have been a particularly solid fit as you can see from the Bundle site as well as regular updates on the BitTorrent Blog.

This week they're moving things forward in two ways:

Redesigned Android Apps

One is a major update to their Android apps for BitTorrent and uTorrent featuring a "completely reimagined UI."

As Rebecca Chu, Senior Visual Designer, Mobile states:

"Our goal is to build a beautifully simple way to access personal media, anywhere. To solve not just for user needs, but deliver an experience; a real connection. The V2 Android updates let you get your downloads, wherever you are. More than that, it’s a better way to manage files."

Additional features include "the ability to select and download individual files within a torrent (before and after your download has started), choose download locations, and choose between deleting torrents only, or deleting both torrents and files."

Updated BitTorrent Software

BitTorrent has released uTorrent 3.4 and will debut BitTorrent 7.9 next week. Both feature BitTorrent Bundle integrations that will provide "direct exposure to 170 million monthly users" to Bundle's current roster of over 8,000 content creators.

This move not only helps forefront Bundle content but makes it easy to access as a "configurable menu item" to "instantly unlock new Bundle titles."

Musicians like De La Soul, Jay Z and Beyonce have encountered problems scaling massively popular digital releases, which is a problem BitTorrent has mostly solved though they continue to find ways to improve. In addition, they point out in an email that "content published via BitTorrent Bundle has consistently proven more popular than unauthorized content."

Bundle Paygate Teased

Though DJ Shadow's bundle was monetized the alpha release of BitTorrent Bundle has focused on free downloads with additional content unlocked in exchange for an email. Related stem releases and the like have encouraged free remixing. Apparently they're planning to "expand the offering to include paygated content" according to a brief mention in their announcement.

Perhaps tease isn't the right word but their updated software means that they will be moving even faster, and they've been moving pretty darn fast of late, so they've got a lot to announce. Not sure when the paygate option will appear but I'd guess sooner rather than later.

It's good to see BitTorrent staying the course and continuing to find new ways to support artists.


Hypebot Senior Contributor Clyde Smith (Twitter/Facebook) is currently relaunching All World Dance. To suggest topics about music tech, DIY music biz or music marketing for Hypebot, contact: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.

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