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When news broke that Beats Music would be developing a music service, I got so excited. Finally, a company would make a product that regular people might care about. The reality is that most music services are for music fanatics — people who care about music. But most people don’t care about music. They do not make time to discover music or put together playlists. They want popular music — curated by experts — while they wash dishes and feed the cat. That is the promise of Beats Music, and that is the focus of the latest episode of the Upward Spiral. We discuss this and more with two digital music veterans: Jon Maples and Jonathan Sasse.




Jon Maples is the former VP Product Management at Rhapsody International. He also served as the company's Senior Director of Music Programming.

Jonathan Sasse is the former SVP Product Marketing & Content Programming Slacker. He also served as the President and CEO of iRiver America. 


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