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Ministry Of Sound and Spotify Reach Out Of Court Settlement

image from dance powerhouse Ministry of Sounds and  Spotify have reached an out of court settlement. The label had sued Spotify claiming that it had refused to delete user created playlists that mirrored compilations Ministry had created for sale.  A short joint statement issued today says: 

“Ministry of Sound welcomes Spotify’s willingness to work together to reach an agreement.” – CEO Lohan Presencer.

“Spotify and Ministry of Sound are pleased to have reached a resolution on amicable terms,”  - Spotify's James Duffett-Smith, Head of Licensing Business Affairs .

No futher details were released. The Guardian is reporting that their sources suggest that Spotify will "remove the offending playlists from its search engine, and block new users from 'following' them … [but] the playlists will not be deleted from Spotify."

The settlement avoids a court ordered answer to the question of who owns millions of user created playlists.

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