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Playlist Live Brings The World Of YouTube Stars To A Real Life Convention

Playlist-liveSome aspects of the YouTube ecosystem are difficult to assess such as the power of fanbases built entirely online. One indicator of the strength of YouTube-grown audiences is attendance at events featuring YouTube stars, up-and-comers and their fans. Playlist Live is one such event, with musicians included, that doesn't seem to get a lot of coverage beyond YouTube but has a full weekend schedule and a healthy list of sponsors. Beyond its health as an individual business, Playlist Live is a reminder that if something's working online it may well have offline potential.

Playlist Live is a YouTube convention that brings together fans who apparently sometimes form ravenous mobs and chase YouTube stars about. It goes back to at least 2011 and features an annual gathering in Orlando taking place this year March 21 through 23.

This year Playlist Live added a November convention in Secaucus, New Jersey November 21 through 23.

Surviving Playlist Live 2014 – Your Guide! ♡NicoleRoseMusic♡

There is a Playlist Live 2013 Recap video that communicates a sense of the 1950s with laser pointers but I think the above video by NicoleRoseMusic does an even better job of capturing the flavor!

Tickets include Standard Passes, Parent Passes and Business Insight passes. Orlando is sold out at this point with waiting list tickets available.

The schedule includes a strong business component for those with Business Insight passes:

"Business Day takes place on Friday, March 21 and is a full day of programming dedicated to the industry surrounding YouTube and online video."

"The Business Insight Track is an extension of Business Day and takes place in different breakout rooms on Saturday & Sunday. It’s where attendees can learn tricks of the online video trade by watching and participating in panels and presentations about the art of video making."

Playlist Live also caters to up-and-comers who get performance slots but have to pay their own way. Crowdfunding campaigns offer a means for many of these rising stars to finance their trips.

Overall Playlist Live is an interesting adaptation of a fairly traditional convention structure to a YouTube-oriented gathering.


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