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Social Promo Platform Raises $1.8M, Pivots To CoPromote

image from has raised $1.8 million in new funding, and changed it's name to CoPromote to reflect a broader mission.  The funding round was led by ff Venture Capital along with Correlation Ventures, AlphaPrime Ventures, The Social Internet Fund and Greg Raifman, president of the Rubicon Project. / CoPromote is a social exchange platform to that helps artists, bloggers, brands and others grow their audience by sharing on social media. Every tweet or other action nets Karma Cash which users receive for promoting others content and can use pay to promote your own.  

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The company launched in 2009 as with a focus on bands "sharing" fans. The platform encouraged artists to promote their peers on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter in exchange for return promo to their fan networks.

The transition to serving a broader group of creators and marketers has been a gradual one. Today's name change formalizes the shift, and the new funding should allow the company to iterate what continues to be a useful tool for savy musicians.