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The Echo Nest Continues Global Expansion With Japan’s NTT Plala

echo nestMusic intelligence platform The Echo Nest told us last year that global expansion was a top priority; and they've been delivering on that goal in the last few months with an aggressive series of partnership announcements. Today they've added Japanese internet provider NTT Plala to the list, marking The Echo Nest's biggest partnership to date in the world's second biggest music market.

NTT Plala’s “Hikari-TV” will now include radio stations and playlists powered by The Echo Nest. 

The Echo Nest says their music intelligence platform is the only one that can provide recommendations in any area of a word. Which effectively means that the Echo Nest’s approach to understanding music content (machine listening) and music fans (cultural analysis) results in recommendations that are based on both music and culture – an approach that company says offers a more accurate reflection of the musical landscape that scales well to new territories.  

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