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Watch Live Stream & Videos From Midem Int’l Music Industry Conference

image from www.hypebot.comUPDATED: Starting this Saturday, as part of our coverage of international music industry conference Midem, we'll be live streaming Midem Talks featuring, Rita Ora, Jean Michel Jarre and others starting at 10AM ET on Saturday thru Monday February 1-3. We'll also have videos of many other session just hours after they end.

UPDATE – Problems with the livestream. Got this message @ 10:30AM Saturday from Midem: 

We’re really sorry, but due to problems with YouTube beyond our control, we cannot livestream at this time.

We are looking for an alternative solution and will let we know as soon as we’ve found one.

All Midem Talks sessions will be uploaded to our YouTube channel 2-3hours after they end in Cannes, here: 

Watch Midem live stream and video here:

Saturday's Live Stream:


Sunday's Live Stream

We'll be posting more videos here and on Hypebot throughout the next few days or watch them on the Midem YouTube channel.

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