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YouTube Adds Free Top Track and Album Streams To Google Search

image from www.rudyhuyn.comGoogle has added free top track playlists and albums to music search results via YouTube.  Earlier this month Google began featuring YouTube prominently in all music search results; and today's additions appear to be further confirmation that YouTube is inching steadily towards the rumored launch of its own streaming music service.

image from popcultureblog.dallasnews.comSearch for The Smithereens on Google and to the right of the results you'll also find a photo, link to Wikepedia, live dates ates from Songkick and a list of top tracks with links to the corresponding YouTube video. Click on the name of an album and the tracklist appears linking again to corresponding YouTube videos. If there is no "official" video/stream of a track,  YouTube delivers a fan created video.   

There's also "send me updates" feature that delivers Google Now Card reminders when the band announces a new date or release. 

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  1. iTunes and Amazon better contact Google on how they can earn something like Youtube or Wikipedia’s appearance in the Search Engine’s Results Page.

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