4 Amazing Mobile Apps for Musicians and Composers

AppsThe technology we have unlimited access to has undoubtably changed the way we make music, produce music, and share music. From soundboards to computers to tablets to cell phones – we have an endless supply of recording, mixing, and promotional tools at our fingertips. Band to fan marketing has really never been easier – if you know how to utilize these resources.

Mackenzie Carlin brings us four apps for mobile devices that are worth keeping in your bag of tricks. What are some of your favorites? Join the conversation on MusicThinkTank.com!

"Although the stripped down sound retains a certain laid back charm, even the most old school sounding musicians appreciate the access to high-quality music tools made possible through the ownership of PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones."

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  1. I tried the link on my iPhone the other day and it didn’t work. Now I just tried it on my laptop and it also didn’t work. Any help?

  2. There is a brand new organization app out for musicians called Chord Keeper. It lets you organize all your chords, lyrics, sheet music, backing tracks on your tablet or phone and manage library without computer. A truly unique and comprehensive organization tool for musicians:

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