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Access The Night: See What’s Happening Now In Clubs Via Social Media

Access-the-night-133x238By Eliot Van Buskirk of

Concertgoers, nightlife lovers, and actually anyone who’s looking for something to do in their city or town might have a friend in Access The Night (free, iOS).

With a mere glance at the app, you can get somewhat of a sense of what’s happening at the live music venues nearby, as well as other places, like nightclubs — anywhere people are taking photos and posting them to Instagram.

“It basically shows you moments as they happen,” explained Access The Night co-founder Sam Kessler. “You could be sitting on your couch, you could be out with friends — you open our app and you’re going to be looking at a feed and a photo map of photos taken at concerts, bars, restaurants, live music venues — all around you within your vicinity, in real time… We’re kind of like a real-time Yelp, minus the reviews. Instead of looking at reviews and pictures from a year ago, you’re looking at real-time pictures that were taken in the last five or ten minutes.”

The app gets these photos from Instagram, and tags them with Foursquare’s venue data, identifying each location as a live music venue, movie theater, bar, or restaurant. It’s not possible to filter for just the music venues within the app, but if you’re looking for a last-minute idea for something to do, this app can give you a different sense of your options, in something close to real time.

Access The Night is currently available for iPhone, with an Android version scheduled for a June 12 release.


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