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Complete List of ‘Music Things’ From #SXSW 2014 Trade Show

Sxswi-trade-show-313x193By Eliot Van Buskirk of

SXSW is a massive, massive event, but the SXSW Interactive trade show is quite manageable, especially compared to CES. As such, we were able to scour the show floor for every single digital music app, service, and device on display.

Here it is — all the music stuff from the SXSW Interactive show floor, in alphabetical order, divided into two sections.

The first is stuff we reviewed, after interviewing someone in the booth, and the second is stuff we didn’t review because it’s either too niche, it’s for musicians only, or we haven’t gotten to it yet (follow us for updates).

(Update: We missed BurudaConcert.)



Hackist Tread The Moon

Kinoma Create


Rockstar Cash

Sonic Emotion

Vicci Mobile Merchandise

Vulcan Harp



Bass Egg Verb

Chevrolet OnStar 4G LTE




Gravitas Henge Docks



My Music Taste

Rock Lobby

The Drop

Vinyl Recorder (as seen in 2012)

Wazzle Original K-Pop Dance

Don’t see your digital music thing listed? Email us, and we’ll get back to you with a request for a photo of it on the SXSW Interactive show floor, and we’ll add it to the list.


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