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Gracenote’s Rhythm Adds Filesharing Data and Social Media Sentiment Via Musicmetric

Gracenote-logoGracenote continues to build its Rhythm platform for music streaming services with the addition of global fan data from Musicmetric. Earlier this year Gracenote announced a social media and trending data agreement with Next Big Sound for Rhythm. Now they're adding filesharing data and social media sentiment via Musicmetric, who will also be considering other customized data options Rhythm.

Gracenote Rhythm is not limiting its partnerships to Next Big Sound.

Yesterday they announced the addition of Musicmetric data as well:

"The deal will focus on leveraging Musicmetric's global music fan profiling data, including BitTorrent and sentiment reports, to further Gracenote's ability in identifying new and emerging artists before they hit mainstream."

Filesharing data sounds like a particularly strong addition given its power for revealing demand:

"The addition of BitTorrent play data will provide Gracenote with a view of the most popular music being shared globally across the peer-to-peer file-sharing network."

And Musicmetric will provide additional context through "custom sentiment value reports":

"Musicmetric will also help Gracenote understand the context of music-related media and social networking activity to better evaluate artist and song popularity. For example, Musicmetric research has proven that an artist whose live performance receives a positive reaction in both volume and sentiment will experience an increase in song streaming."

Gregory Mead, CEO of Semetric, creators of Musicmetric, stated:

"Using Musicmetric's data on real-time fan interactions and sentiment from social media and BitTorrent networks will further drive discovery by providing yet another 'human' element to Gracenote's Rhythm platform."

It all sounds quite complicated but it's tough to improve on humans using only math!

If you're a developer interested in finding out more about Rhythm, see Gracenote's Developer Portal.


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