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Guilty Pledgers Party For Good Causes With Spotify

Guilty-pledgers-logoJust when you thought there was nothing else to say about playlists, along comes the Guilty Pledgers app for fundraising with Spotify playlists. The idea is that you throw a party and people can pick the Spotify-powered playlist by donating online in exchange for a song to be added. The JustGiving fundraising platform handles the donation process. Guilty Pledgers is not only an app built by Abstraktion but a non-profit whose work is supported by Spotify.

Guilty Pledgers' smart new Spotify-powered app turns playlists into fundraising vehicles. Here's how it works:


"Any Spotify user can throw a Guilty Pledgers house party by signing in with Facebook."


"From here, guests can add songs to the playlist from any smartphone or tablet. Songs can be pledged from any browser on any device and sent directly to the Spotify app in near real-time with all donations going through Just Giving, which supports over 13,000 charities."


Guilty Pledgers is more than an app. In fact it's a non-profit begun by Andy Whitlock, Katy Theakston and Ben Tomlinson. Will Cheyney then joined them on design.

Spotify is credited with funding the project and Abstraktion with building the Guilty Pledgers app and website.

The FAQ digs into various details and makes it a bit clearer why the project is called Guilty Pledgers. For one, they're promoting the idea that if you donate money then you should feel free [of guilt] to play the cheesiest songs you love that will drive your friends up the wall.

But they also maintain:

"We think it's a shame that guilt is often used cynically in charity marketing: make people feel bad, then ask them for money to feel okay again. We wanted to turn 'offsetting guilt' into something fun, where everyone gets to feel brilliant."

Facebook Connect is used for logins to simplify things though they will expand login options in the future. "Party Header" images are made available via Flickr.

Overall it looks like a nice tying together of services to support fun fundraising for good causes.

Note: you may have to scroll down the page for links to the FAQ and so forth since the site seems to be having a few hiccups.


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