How Flight Drummers Got 500,000 YouTube Views In 10 Months

Flight-drummers-logoFlight Drummers is a drumming education company that used YouTube to grow their services and events. Over a course of 10 months they grew a small YouTube channel to a subscriber base of over 8400 and over 500k views. Cofounder Josh Coffy recently shared some tips for businesses seeking to grow their YouTube channels. That includes bands, since bands are businesses, with appropriate tweaking as needed.

Flight Drummers' Josh Coffy decided to switch from focusing on Twitter and Facebook to YouTube after realizing that their competitors were not doing as well on YouTube. The results were quite powerful and he chalks them up to the following 8 steps:

"8 Steps to Capturing 500,000 YouTube Views in 10 Months"

1. "Stalk your competition"

Check out the bands that have your audience. See what kinds of videos they're posting beyond the obvious. Look for comments and see if they're pleasing the crowd or just generating unrest.

2. "Get your setup"

Put some attention into your equipment. Even an iTunes photographer has a surprising range of tools available for increasing quality. And increased quality can make a real difference in attracting viewers even for off-hand footage.

3. "Develop a theme"

For most bands the theme is clearly the band and its music. But, if you're growing an audience with content beyond music videos and trailers, you'll want to try some other topics such as regular behind-the-themes moments or stuff you're doing on tour when you're not performing.

4. "Be consistent"

Post regularly. When Flight Drummers began regularly posting 2 to 3 videos per week, that's when they began to get a stronger response.

5. "Add annotations to everything"

Annotations are great for announcing shows, related videos, albums, etc. But keep in mind that they can be distracting and may be more appropriate for some videos than others.

6. "Host guests"

In addition to backstage segments and the like, many YouTubers appear in each others' videos. However you collaborate, cross-promotion can be a powerful thing.

7. "Create playlists"

Once you have more videos up you can make it easy on viewers by creating themed playlists such as last tour, lyrics videos and backstage.

8. "Blast your release days"

Let people know that you're posting on YouTube, especially if you have specific days you post. If people are into your music and have given you permission to email, they'll probably want to know about your video releases.

See the full post with plenty of details from Josh Coffy.


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